Alzan Kon

Human Male, ex-Stormtrooper SpecForce Commander


Tall and fit, late 40s. Olive skin. Scars and burns from various campaigns of service. Black 501st Emblem tattooed on right bicep. Wild Cards emblem tattooed on left bicep.


Born into the Imperial Remnant and grew up believing in the ideals of the Empire; order and stability in a world of chaos. Served with the Imperial Mission in his younger years before the Academy. Graduated top of his class in Officer’s Candidacy School but had several demerits on his record for insubordination and reckless endangerment. Caught the eye of Imperial SpecForce Command and assigned to “Squad Four”. Served with distinction and honor in the Mantooine Uprisings, the Uthalan Crisis, and the Four Day War. Transferred to Squad Seven as XO for two years. Promoted to command of reorganized 501st SpecForce Battalion. Tried and convicted of war crimes after the Massacre of Brightstone. Imprisoned in Imperial Detention Stockade 55-62 on Rethos. Transferred to Maelstrom Prison after the successful escape of his Massacre Co-conspirators (See Attached File The Wild Cards).

Subject Killed While Incarcerated during a prisoner uprising. Incinerated per Imperial Incarceration Code of Conduct 143, p 51, item 3. Remains forwarded to next of kin.

Alzan Kon

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