Galactic Alliance Remnant

Prior to the start of the Sith–Imperial War, the Galactic Alliance was the main power in the galaxy. Based on Coruscant and stretching as far as to the Outer Rim world of Dac, the Alliance government had been in power since the end of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. When Darth Krayt’s Sith Order sabotaged the joint Jedi/Yuuzhan Vong Ossus Project, the Fel Empire invoked the Treaty of Anaxes and declared war on the Galactic Alliance. Although somewhat hobbled by the defection of some Alliance worlds due to anti-Yuuzhan Vong sentiments, the first year of the war went well for Alliance forces. The support of the Jedi Order on Ossus gave the Alliance a edge over Imperial forces in numerous engagements. However, once the Sith Order openly pledged it’s support to the Empire, the tide of battle began to shift. Many military operations ordered by the Triumvirate ended in failure, which further eroded the confidence of Alliance member worlds. Desperate for a major decisive victory, the Alliance government assembled a majority of their Core based warships, including Admiral Stazi’s fleet, at Caamas to ambush Fel’s forces and bring a swift end to the war. It failed, and the Galactic Alliance surrendered to Imperial Forces. However one Admiral, Gar Stazi, refused to surrender and fled with many ships from the Alliance’s Core Fleet.

Following the defeat at Caamas, Stazi’s Core Fleet forms the foundation of the Galactic Alliance Remnant. Numerous other surviving Alliance warships and commanders linked up with Stazi, bolstering his forces considerably. As the highest authority in the fleet, Admiral Stazi was involved in every aspect of his fleet’s operations. From the bridge of his flagship, the Scythe-class battle cruiser Indomitable, Stazi ensured that the beings serving under him abided by Galactic Alliance laws and military codes, treating situations in the belief that the Galactic Alliance would one day regain power and restore democracy to the galaxy.

The basis of the Galactic Alliance Remnant military is the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet. Following the fighting withdrawal from Caamas, numerous other Alliance units and individual warships joined up with Stazi’s forces. While the majority of the Galactic Alliance Army was absorbed in the Imperial Army or disbanded following the surrender of the Triumvirate, army units attached to the Core Fleet became the basis of the GA Remnant’s ground forces.

Members of the Galactic Alliance Remnant have a tough road ahead of them. Much like the old Rebel Alliance, they’re on the run from the Imperial Navy. Unlike the Rebel Alliance, there are very few safeworlds the Remnant can draw resources and replacement personnel from. Remnant personnel are expected to be creative with their solutions to any given situation, but still operate under the rules and regulations of the Galactic Alliance.

Galactic Alliance Remnant

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