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Stormtrooper Special Forces Team Aurek, nicknamed “The Wild Cards”, were an elite unit attached to the 501st Stormtrooper Legion. During the Sith-Imperial War, the 501st was sent to invade the Galactic Alliance world of Corulag. After weeks of fighting, Imperial Forces pushed the Alliance back to the city of Tasjon. Unwilling to fight in a populated urban center, the Alliance consolidated their remaining forces at a nearby military base; Brightrock Compound. Brightrock was a fortress, able to repel most ground assaults as well as possessing a shield generator to defend against bombardment.

The Wild Cards were sent in as an advance force to infiltrate and destroy the shield generator for the base. Its destruction would allow for precision orbital bombardment of the bases’ outer defenses, and allow the bulk of the Empire’s forces to approach uncontested. The mission was led by Colonel Kon, with the Sith Lord Darth Zabo accompanying as an advisor (and defense against possible Jedi intervention).

The team successfully infiltrated the fortress and made their way to the shield generator station. During the insertion, Darth Zabo’s drop-pod landed off course, and away from the rest of the team. Determined to finish their mission, the Wild Cards snuck into the base, neutralized the personnel in the shield station, and placed explosive charges on the generator. The team then fled to a safe distance outside the perimeter and were about to detonate the charges when Darth Zabo contacted the team. He stated that he had finally reached the Shield Generator station. Zabo saw the charges were placed, and had contacted the Wild Cards to request time to get clear. General Kon gave Zabo ninety seconds, which Zabo said would suffice.

When the time elapsed, the charges were remotely triggered. The generator station did not explode as expected. Instead a series of dull thumps were heard through the compound. Minutes later, Alliance troops came flooding out of the fortress, their eyes, noses, and mouths leaking viscus red-black fluids. They collapsed and convulsed violently in fits. Everyone in the base died a horrible, painful death.

When the main assault force arrived at the base, they were horrified and immediately quarantined the base and detained the Wild Cards. An investogation was ordered, and one unexploded charge was found. Examining it, investigators noted that the charge had been modified. The explosive now had a small shaped charge to blow a small hole in the surface it was mounted to. The rest of the casing held a deadly biological agent that attacks and destroys the mucus membranes of living creatures, similar to the Kyrtos Virus of over 100 years previous only more virulent. Blast points were found along the ventilation ducts within the base, in various locations. Only one charge was found in the Shield Generator itself, even though the Wild Cards claimed they placed ten explosive charges in the station to ensure its destruction.

Among the dead were fifteen Imperial prisoners including three officers, and thirty-eight civilians, five of which were children. Team Aurek was brought up on criminal charges as a result of this mission. They claimed ignorance to the explosive’s true nature, as well as their placement throughout the base. Internal security cameras in the fortress were knocked out by Team Aurek during their infiltration, so their story could not be verified. The recovered bombs and bomb fragments showed evidence of being handled only by Team Aurek members, contradicting the argument that they didn’t know what the charges contained. The charges were still placed along the ventilation ducts and not the shield generator as their mission dictated.

When the matter of Darth Zabo and his disappearance during the infiltration was brought up, the Sith Lord provided evidence that he was never on Corulag, he was in orbit aboard the Star Destroyer Eye of Truth during the operation with several dozen deck personnel able to verify his alibi.

The Massacre of Brightstone was a dark spot on the Sith-Imperial War, one where the Empire lost credibility that they were out to preserve order and were not the Empire of old. To quell public outcry and save face, all members of Team Aurek, a.k.a. “The Wild Cards”, were dishonorably discharged, stripped of all rank and privileges, and sentenced to a military stockade for no less than fifty years of hard labor. While there wasn’t enough evidence to get the death sentence many were pushing for, there was enough evidence of culpability in the crime.

All the while, Colonel Kon and his men professed their innocence.

Six months into their sentence, the Galactic Alliance lost the war, Darth Krayt revealed his true intentions for their alliance with Emperor Fel’s Empire, and the Sith deposed the Emperor. Colonel Kon and his Wild Cards managed to engineer an escape from their prison, and fled to the Outer Rim Territories. Realizing that the Sith were planning this coup d’etat from the beginning, the Wild Cards seek to clear their records and prove that the Sith, and specifically Darth Zabo, were behind the Massacre.

The Wild Cards face several problems. First, Colonel Kon was unable to participate in the break out, and remains incarcerated. The escapees are hunted by the Sith Empire because they’re escaped convicts. They will find no support with the Empire-in-Exile because according to military records they used unsanctioned bio-toxins against a targets that resulted in the deaths of civilians and Imperial personnel. The Galactic Alliance would likely shoot the Wild Cards on sight (if they’re lucky). Finally, the Wild Cards lack any logistical support outside of old resources they were able to commandeer during their escape to the Outer Rim.

With their Colonel still in prison, and their honor on the line, the Wild Cards face an uphill battle that they must triumph to know any peace in the Galaxy…

WC Backstory

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